Sleeping Babies – Cambridge Baby Photographer

I was going through some pictures of my own children today as I do from time to time ( all of the time ) and my heart just melted every time I passed one of those sweet sleepy baby portraits. So I was thinking I would share a couple of my favourite sleeping baby shots from the last year here on the blog. Some are my kiddos and some are clients etc. 

This first shot is my baby guy and was actually taken recently!


His hat is by Knit Babies. I really love how soft their knit work is! And of course adorable! I did up a whole set of these in this same black and white processing. I’m getting them done in standout prints for one of my walls! Hooray for photos on the wall! 🙂

Ok, this next one is one of my favourite newborn shots ever. We shot early morning in a park and this precious little gal slept the ENTIRE time. With a warm breeze, the smell of spring and the sound of chirping birds, who wouldn’t? 🙂


So about that sleeping …I told you! I want to do this. Anyone want to make me an outdoor basket bed? hehe


AND of course my very first NEWBORN portrait! ( besides my own kids ) He looks so very cozy 🙂 Any time we tried to move him he got right mad! He just wasn’t having it. Isn’t he just precious?


Thanks for having a look at the blog today friends and enjoy the rest of the week!

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An Update!

Sorry it’s been quiet on this blog lately. It’s been a busy month and I am also running multiple blogs and social sites related to my photography. I thought I would pop on here and say hi and post a couple of my favourite portraits that I recently did out in Toronto.

September 23rd Mini Photo Sessions in Cambridge Ontario

Book ahead of time for some lovely outdoor photos! 

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Morning Sessions
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Outdoor Newborn & Family Sessions – Cambridge Newborn Photographer

I must admit that this was one of my favourite sessions ever. We started shooting at 9am and the weather and light were just absolutely gorgeous. This little newbie was so happy to just sleep and I mean who could blame her when it’s warm and cozy outside with chirping birds and fresh air? The toddler was hilarious too and I just love her gorgeous red hair. Beautiful day, beautiful family!



Cambridge Child Photographer

The Little Amazing Things – Ontario Photography

I truly believe in celebrating the simple things. When I look back, I always find it’s the little things that really mean so much to me and sometimes those little things to you are actually huge, like watching your kid pedal on a bike for the first time. Last fall my oldest son was attending nursery school in Toronto twice a week for 3 hours. I remember dropping him off there late one day in the gym and I was spying on him outside of the door after I walked out. He jumped on a bike and started peddling and I nearly cried, no joke. I love my kids so much and there is something absolutely miraculous about the way they make us feel, how proud we can be of hearing them recite the alphabet or peddling a bike! A big milestone that my eldest hit this year was swimming. He now jumps in the pool all on his own ( with a lifejacket ) I love how my youngest son gets so excited too. He loves every thing his brother is doing. Is this common? My Mom says when my younger ( but not the youngest ) brother was born he followed me around and just wanted anything that I had. I think that is just adorable. Before I end this post I also wanted to point out that there are amazing things around us every day to enjoy. The smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of fresh laundry , a giant hug, a good laugh and Shepherd’s Pie, with gravy. Oh, and photography!


Cambridge Cake Smash Session – Cambridge Baby Photography

This morning was absolutely stunning here in Cambridge, Ontario. Warm but not overly bright. I had the honour of taking this sweet little guys photos. We went to a local park with Momma and her friend. It was kind of funny because I had my husband lugging the big rubber bath full of warm water for us hehe. ( Thank you Mr. Avey! ) I would say that the session went very well. The little guy was a bit tired and it was his very first time trying cake HOWEVER I firmly believe that he loved it. It was such a pleasure getting to know Mommy as well. I put together this blog snap to share a couple of my favourite shots from the session. Just look at those eyes. My favourite is the Momma and Baby J shot. Gorgeous mother and beautiful baby boy. Image


Giant cupcake by ( Thinking I might order one for myself *insert giggle*/itsokIknowI’madork )

Colin Carmichael on his First Paid Shoot! – Cambridge Photography Guest Blog

Well, it finally happened – someone gave me money to take pictures of them! My friend Tammy needed new headshots and I needed a first client. The timing was perfect.
Tammy and I know each other fairly well and we’ve shot together several times (she’s also a bit of a shutterbug) but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the prospect of taking photos of someone for money. The first thing we needed to do was figure out what she was looking for.
Tammy was looking for something to use on her various online profiles, especially  her professional profile on LinkedIN. She wanted something appropriate for a business setting but not so formal that it couldn’t be used on Facebook and Twitter as well. We knew for sure that the standard charcoal-background studio business portrait was out.
Now that we’d eliminated the most obvious choice for a “business portrait”, I asked what she had in mind. “Well, I’m a bit of a treehugger…” was her reply. “Perfect,” I said, “I prefer shooting outdoors anyway!”  I was going to be stressed out enough trying to “get the shot” that not having to worry about artificial lighting was a relief. The extensive trail system in Cambridge offered a lot of choice for a portrait in a natural setting. We chose a trail that would work well with the evening sun – a challenging thing when trees begin to obscure the horizon.
I made a ton of mistakes during the shoot and fiddled with camera settings more often than I should have. As I was editing the photos kept muttering “oh, I should have done this or that..” It is frustrating to know I could have done better, but I am very happy with the results: ImageImage