Weekend Photography Workshop

I attended a great workshop this weekend that focused on both studio lighting and natural lighting. I learned some new things and met some great people! These are my two favourite shots which were both taken in the natural light studio. The models were really fun to work with as well as beautiful!


Family photos in the park

Today I did a photoshoot for a lovely family of 4! They were wonderful to photograph and even brought some fabulous holiday accessories. Don’t you just love this family? =)

Happy Halloween!

I truly love Halloween! We took the kids out today in the same neighbourhood my husband grew up in and it was so much fun! So many of his neighbours were talking about how he and his siblings would trick or treat around the neighbourhood and I could just tell how nice it was for him. Our little pirate and pumpkin baby had a blast and so did we! I hope you all had a fabulous day! All the best in November!