Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Some wintery photos to share today! 🙂


Dad and his little gals

I had an amazing time photographing this family! We chose a local playground to shoot at which was not only fun but made for some very natural looking pictures. Here are a few from the set!

Why I love photographing kids

I truly enjoy photographing children. Perhaps my passion for it stems from the joy I get out of taking pictures of my own kids. I feel magic and innocence can be captured with all kids whether it is a fragile newborn or a 10 year old running around a park. Working with kids is fun. Any teacher, parent, or child photographer ( add many people to this list of course ) will tell you this! I will admit some kids are stubborn and don’t like having their photos taken but you would be surprised at some of the expressions you can get out of these kids as well! I am a fan of photographing people in their natural settings which definitely helps when it comes to taking pictures of your kids. Childhood is probably the most special period of our lives and children change in a blink of an eye so taking their picture is more like giving their parents a treasure… =)

Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop

My review of Professor Kobre’s Lightscoop
First of all, I would like to thank Thomas the Tank Engine for modeling today! I picked up this tool a few weeks ago mainly just to try it out and also for quick snapshots around the house etc…When I don’t want to set up external flash and such but need more light!! Basically this tool is a mounted mirror that slips into the hotshoe of your DSLR camera so that when you fire your pop-up flash the light is reflected to either a side wall or ceiling. Note that the light will only go so far as well so think a few feet to say 12 feet away maximum. Another thing to keep in mind is that you will want a white wall. Reflecting off of a blue wall might not give you the results you are looking for. Also if you are outside in the middle of a field don’t expect the light to bounce off of the air. 😉 Like all equipment, knowing how to use it is key to getting the results you are looking for.


Ok so the first image was taken in a dimly lit room with the ISO cranked right up. I believe I was 1/50 and 2.8 f stop.






Hmm..nope. 😛







Strange tints, harsh shadows…yuck!








Pleasing results!




Overall I would say that the Lightscoop is useful but don’t pick it up expecting to get anywhere near the results of a professional flash setup. It you want something that will help bounce light for softer looking portraits of your pets, family, friends etc then I would definitely give this a try! It retails for around $30.

Family photo shoot!

I’m a bit behind on this post as I have had quite a busy week but I wanted to share some pictures from this family session I did. What a wonderful photoshoot it was and I am telling you guys ths kid is smart! 🙂