Dirty Spring – Cambridge Ontario Photography

Isn’t it funny how people are always wanting to take a neat, posed, clean photo of their little one? I always catch the best ones when they are passed out in the high chair or…covered in dirt! LoL. I must say us Ontario folks have sure been blessed with the beautiful weather lately. Happy Spring everyone. Here’s one to share from the backyard files! ( That’s me trying to be witty and creative at the same time )

-Melissa Avey




Waterloo Park Family Photo Shoot

It was such a pleasure photographing this family in Waterloo. You could just see how much everyone loved each other and it really made my heart melt. We were so lucky to have this beautiful weather too!Here are a couple of my favourite pictures from the photo session.

Baby Details

Babies grow so incredibly fast and their little toes and feet are changing always! I have always loved pictures of baby feet, lips, hands etc. I think the details are so precious. 


Baby photos in Cambridge, Ontario by Melissa Avey.