Loving that Sprinkler! – Cambridge Child Photographer

My son just loves running through the sprinkler. I actually enjoy it almost as much ๐Ÿ˜‰ haha


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Scotland!!! – Cambridge Newborn Photographer

I had such a lovely time yesterday photographing this precious little guy. He wasn’t too happy about being posed and such but it was worth the wait! Isn’t he such a little sweetie?ย ImageImageImage

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The Tiny Light

I am proud to announce that I am now a member of The Tiny Light foundation. They are a Canadian not for profit organization providing professional photography services for families of children who are facing life changing diagnosis’.
When I first read about The Tiny Light foundation I was skimming over a story about a child who had been born with a heart condition. All too soon I become emotional as the memories of my second son’s diagnosis of Transposition of the Great Arteries came to me. I remember the shock and fear when I learned about his TGA while I was still pregnant with him. I remember handing him over to the nurse in the ICU and almost falling over in tears as she walked away with my then 6 day old baby boy for heart surgery. Today he is almost 16 months and healthy as ever, completely corrected!

My skimming of The Tiny Light page soon turned into a tear filled analyzation of various stories which needless to say touched my heart. I am so happy to be part of this group and hope I can help some deserving families.
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Photo Addict – Cambridge Photographer

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I’m not sure if I could go a day without taking a picture or at least editing one ( or 12 ). Sometimes I go back to my old photos and work on them and it’s amazing how much I have learned and how much BETTER my photos are starting to look. I am really happy with myself and can’t wait to grow even more. Some random pictures I just played with for your viewing pleasure. ( I hope it’s a pleasure. If not feel free to egg me )


Cambridge and Waterloo region lifestyle photographer

TGIF! – Beautiful Weekend for Cambridge!

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Hey everyone! I hope you all have an amazing long weekend! We are choosing to avoid all traffic and stay home haha…I guess when the kids are older we will be choosing long weekends to go out..It’s very convenient though for us to do our trips during the week as my husband works 4 days on and 4 odd and I am somewhat flexible with my schedule as well! Speaking of my hubby…I set up a shot for him to take yesterday and here is how it turned out. It is me! :p


I feel so happy…You know..Self portraits are tricky!!! I feel like we worked together on this and that is wonderful! LoL…Ok enjoy the weekend everyone!
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