The Tiny Light

I am proud to announce that I am now a member of The Tiny Light foundation. They are a Canadian not for profit organization providing professional photography services for families of children who are facing life changing diagnosis’.
When I first read about The Tiny Light foundation I was skimming over a story about a child who had been born with a heart condition. All too soon I become emotional as the memories of my second son’s diagnosis of Transposition of the Great Arteries came to me. I remember the shock and fear when I learned about his TGA while I was still pregnant with him. I remember handing him over to the nurse in the ICU and almost falling over in tears as she walked away with my then 6 day old baby boy for heart surgery. Today he is almost 16 months and healthy as ever, completely corrected!

My skimming of The Tiny Light page soon turned into a tear filled analyzation of various stories which needless to say touched my heart. I am so happy to be part of this group and hope I can help some deserving families.
Please feel free to visit the following links for more information:


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