Sleeping Babies – Cambridge Baby Photographer

I was going through some pictures of my own children today as I do from time to time ( all of the time ) and my heart just melted every time I passed one of those sweet sleepy baby portraits. So I was thinking I would share a couple of my favourite sleeping baby shots from the last year here on the blog. Some are my kiddos and some are clients etc. 

This first shot is my baby guy and was actually taken recently!


His hat is by Knit Babies. I really love how soft their knit work is! And of course adorable! I did up a whole set of these in this same black and white processing. I’m getting them done in standout prints for one of my walls! Hooray for photos on the wall! 🙂

Ok, this next one is one of my favourite newborn shots ever. We shot early morning in a park and this precious little gal slept the ENTIRE time. With a warm breeze, the smell of spring and the sound of chirping birds, who wouldn’t? 🙂


So about that sleeping …I told you! I want to do this. Anyone want to make me an outdoor basket bed? hehe


AND of course my very first NEWBORN portrait! ( besides my own kids ) He looks so very cozy 🙂 Any time we tried to move him he got right mad! He just wasn’t having it. Isn’t he just precious?


Thanks for having a look at the blog today friends and enjoy the rest of the week!

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