Outdoor Newborn & Family Sessions – Cambridge Newborn Photographer

I must admit that this was one of my favourite sessions ever. We started shooting at 9am and the weather and light were just absolutely gorgeous. This little newbie was so happy to just sleep and I mean who could blame her when it’s warm and cozy outside with chirping birds and fresh air? The toddler was hilarious too and I just love her gorgeous red hair. Beautiful day, beautiful family!



Cambridge Child Photographer


Cambridge Cake Smash Session – Cambridge Baby Photography

This morning was absolutely stunning here in Cambridge, Ontario. Warm but not overly bright. I had the honour of taking this sweet little guys photos. We went to a local park with Momma and her friend. It was kind of funny because I had my husband lugging the big rubber bath full of warm water for us hehe. ( Thank you Mr. Avey! ) I would say that the session went very well. The little guy was a bit tired and it was his very first time trying cake HOWEVER I firmly believe that he loved it. It was such a pleasure getting to know Mommy as well. I put together this blog snap to share a couple of my favourite shots from the session. Just look at those eyes. My favourite is the Momma and Baby J shot. Gorgeous mother and beautiful baby boy. Image


Giant cupcake by http://www.thecupcakegourmet.com. ( Thinking I might order one for myself *insert giggle*/itsokIknowI’madork )

Cambridge Family Photo Shoot in the Park

It was the PERFECT morning for taking photos and this little sweetheart was posing the whole time! What a beautiful family! Here are a few shots.ImageImageImage

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Scotland!!! – Cambridge Newborn Photographer

I had such a lovely time yesterday photographing this precious little guy. He wasn’t too happy about being posed and such but it was worth the wait! Isn’t he such a little sweetie? ImageImageImage

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I’m the type of Mom that lets her kids play outside in their undies

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Yep, that’s right! In the dirt, in their undies! ( I guess one is technically a diaper ) Wasn’t it a gorgeous day in Cambridge today? Love it! 🙂




Before & After Photos – Cambridge Baby Photography

I’ve had a few people ask to see my before photos so perhaps from time to time I will post some straight out of the camera images and edited. Here is today’s example!


Here is what I did ( not exactly but a rough idea :p )

Brightened the photo

Increased midtones

Removed red around eyes and other spots

Removed the finger paint that I didn’t bathe off of him LOL

Sharpened the eyes slightly

Use a colour layer with a creamy light yellow ( very low opacity )

Upped the contrast

Sharpened the photo overall



Some sweet and one just hilarious! – Cambridge Baby Photographer

Ok so I had the opportunity to photograph my best friends daughter this week while I was out in BC. Isn’t she just lovely? We actually had her done up in a tutu and everything but she was really just not having it so I took a couple of natural shots. We were at her Mom’s house and she had this amazing window in the kitchen and a fairytale of a backyard. ( seriously! ) Anyways here are my faves 😀ImageImageImage