Cambridge Family Photos – In Home Photography Session

This is the second time I have photographed this lovely family and it really was a treat. I seriously had so much fun playing hide and seek and chasing the toddler and just look at that little newborn prince! Oh, the parents are pretty cool too! Here is a little collage I made of them!




Outdoor Newborn & Family Sessions – Cambridge Newborn Photographer

I must admit that this was one of my favourite sessions ever. We started shooting at 9am and the weather and light were just absolutely gorgeous. This little newbie was so happy to just sleep and I mean who could blame her when it’s warm and cozy outside with chirping birds and fresh air? The toddler was hilarious too and I just love her gorgeous red hair. Beautiful day, beautiful family!



Cambridge Child Photographer

Colin Carmichael on his First Paid Shoot! – Cambridge Photography Guest Blog

Well, it finally happened – someone gave me money to take pictures of them! My friend Tammy needed new headshots and I needed a first client. The timing was perfect.
Tammy and I know each other fairly well and we’ve shot together several times (she’s also a bit of a shutterbug) but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the prospect of taking photos of someone for money. The first thing we needed to do was figure out what she was looking for.
Tammy was looking for something to use on her various online profiles, especially  her professional profile on LinkedIN. She wanted something appropriate for a business setting but not so formal that it couldn’t be used on Facebook and Twitter as well. We knew for sure that the standard charcoal-background studio business portrait was out.
Now that we’d eliminated the most obvious choice for a “business portrait”, I asked what she had in mind. “Well, I’m a bit of a treehugger…” was her reply. “Perfect,” I said, “I prefer shooting outdoors anyway!”  I was going to be stressed out enough trying to “get the shot” that not having to worry about artificial lighting was a relief. The extensive trail system in Cambridge offered a lot of choice for a portrait in a natural setting. We chose a trail that would work well with the evening sun – a challenging thing when trees begin to obscure the horizon.
I made a ton of mistakes during the shoot and fiddled with camera settings more often than I should have. As I was editing the photos kept muttering “oh, I should have done this or that..” It is frustrating to know I could have done better, but I am very happy with the results: ImageImage

A Morning Photoshoot In Cambridge – Family Photography

First off I just want to say I had a great time photographing this family. Mommy was so worried that we wouldn’t get any shots as baby didn’t have his nap and big sister was refusing. They were so sweet and really fun to hang out with. SO we did wind up getting some absolutely lovely shots of these beautiful kids ( like I would ever end a session without! 🙂 ) and I am so happy to share a couple of them with you here.ImageImageImage

TGIF! – Beautiful Weekend for Cambridge!

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Hey everyone! I hope you all have an amazing long weekend! We are choosing to avoid all traffic and stay home haha…I guess when the kids are older we will be choosing long weekends to go out..It’s very convenient though for us to do our trips during the week as my husband works 4 days on and 4 odd and I am somewhat flexible with my schedule as well! Speaking of my hubby…I set up a shot for him to take yesterday and here is how it turned out. It is me! :p


I feel so happy…You know..Self portraits are tricky!!! I feel like we worked together on this and that is wonderful! LoL…Ok enjoy the weekend everyone!
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Rockwood Conservation Area Maternity Shoot – Cambridge Maternity Photographer

I had the pleasure of going to Rockwood yesterday for the very first time! It was a beautiful drive from Cambridge and I was truly amazed at the beauty of it all once I arrived. I did my very first maternity shoot with a GORGEOUS Mama-to-be and her super-funny husband! It was a fun shoot and I hope they love the photos. Here are some of my personal favourites from the photo shoot.ImageImageImageImage

Cambridge Photographer