The Little Amazing Things – Ontario Photography

I truly believe in celebrating the simple things. When I look back, I always find it’s the little things that really mean so much to me and sometimes those little things to you are actually huge, like watching your kid pedal on a bike for the first time. Last fall my oldest son was attending nursery school in Toronto twice a week for 3 hours. I remember dropping him off there late one day in the gym and I was spying on him outside of the door after I walked out. He jumped on a bike and started peddling and I nearly cried, no joke. I love my kids so much and there is something absolutely miraculous about the way they make us feel, how proud we can be of hearing them recite the alphabet or peddling a bike! A big milestone that my eldest hit this year was swimming. He now jumps in the pool all on his own ( with a lifejacket ) I love how my youngest son gets so excited too. He loves every thing his brother is doing. Is this common? My Mom says when my younger ( but not the youngest ) brother was born he followed me around and just wanted anything that I had. I think that is just adorable. Before I end this post I also wanted to point out that there are amazing things around us every day to enjoy. The smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of fresh laundry , a giant hug, a good laugh and Shepherd’s Pie, with gravy. Oh, and photography!



Colin Carmichael on his First Paid Shoot! – Cambridge Photography Guest Blog

Well, it finally happened – someone gave me money to take pictures of them! My friend Tammy needed new headshots and I needed a first client. The timing was perfect.
Tammy and I know each other fairly well and we’ve shot together several times (she’s also a bit of a shutterbug) but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous about the prospect of taking photos of someone for money. The first thing we needed to do was figure out what she was looking for.
Tammy was looking for something to use on her various online profiles, especially  her professional profile on LinkedIN. She wanted something appropriate for a business setting but not so formal that it couldn’t be used on Facebook and Twitter as well. We knew for sure that the standard charcoal-background studio business portrait was out.
Now that we’d eliminated the most obvious choice for a “business portrait”, I asked what she had in mind. “Well, I’m a bit of a treehugger…” was her reply. “Perfect,” I said, “I prefer shooting outdoors anyway!”  I was going to be stressed out enough trying to “get the shot” that not having to worry about artificial lighting was a relief. The extensive trail system in Cambridge offered a lot of choice for a portrait in a natural setting. We chose a trail that would work well with the evening sun – a challenging thing when trees begin to obscure the horizon.
I made a ton of mistakes during the shoot and fiddled with camera settings more often than I should have. As I was editing the photos kept muttering “oh, I should have done this or that..” It is frustrating to know I could have done better, but I am very happy with the results: ImageImage

Photography Book Giveaway – Scott Kelby Digital Photography Book 1

As a thank you to all of my friends who follow my work and show interest in my passions…

I have a little giveaway going on. This is a book I got quite awhile ago and it contains some very useful tips that are EASY to follow even for beginners and it will help you learn how to take some pretty awesome shots. Contest will end in a couple of days so just enter using the rafflecopter form at the link below. Open WORLDWIDE.

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Muskoka – Cottage Time with the Family

ImageWhat an amazing week it has been! Us Ontario folks are absolutely blessed ( or melting away ) with this lovely weather. My husband and I took the boys up north for a couple of days and it was wonderful as usual. We played games, jumped in the lake, found a secret hideaway on our nature walk and even went for pretty awesome boat ride with Papa. Here are some of the photos I took while we were there. It’s really hard to select just a few. If you know me by now you probably realize I take a gazillion.5 pictures a day. 


Can’t forget BASKETBALL! 



Enjoy the weekend everyone! 

The Tiny Light

I am proud to announce that I am now a member of The Tiny Light foundation. They are a Canadian not for profit organization providing professional photography services for families of children who are facing life changing diagnosis’.
When I first read about The Tiny Light foundation I was skimming over a story about a child who had been born with a heart condition. All too soon I become emotional as the memories of my second son’s diagnosis of Transposition of the Great Arteries came to me. I remember the shock and fear when I learned about his TGA while I was still pregnant with him. I remember handing him over to the nurse in the ICU and almost falling over in tears as she walked away with my then 6 day old baby boy for heart surgery. Today he is almost 16 months and healthy as ever, completely corrected!

My skimming of The Tiny Light page soon turned into a tear filled analyzation of various stories which needless to say touched my heart. I am so happy to be part of this group and hope I can help some deserving families.
Please feel free to visit the following links for more information: