Cambridge Family Photos – In Home Photography Session

This is the second time I have photographed this lovely family and it really was a treat. I seriously had so much fun playing hide and seek and chasing the toddler and just look at that little newborn prince! Oh, the parents are pretty cool too! Here is a little collage I made of them!




The Little Amazing Things – Ontario Photography

I truly believe in celebrating the simple things. When I look back, I always find it’s the little things that really mean so much to me and sometimes those little things to you are actually huge, like watching your kid pedal on a bike for the first time. Last fall my oldest son was attending nursery school in Toronto twice a week for 3 hours. I remember dropping him off there late one day in the gym and I was spying on him outside of the door after I walked out. He jumped on a bike and started peddling and I nearly cried, no joke. I love my kids so much and there is something absolutely miraculous about the way they make us feel, how proud we can be of hearing them recite the alphabet or peddling a bike! A big milestone that my eldest hit this year was swimming. He now jumps in the pool all on his own ( with a lifejacket ) I love how my youngest son gets so excited too. He loves every thing his brother is doing. Is this common? My Mom says when my younger ( but not the youngest ) brother was born he followed me around and just wanted anything that I had. I think that is just adorable. Before I end this post I also wanted to point out that there are amazing things around us every day to enjoy. The smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of fresh laundry , a giant hug, a good laugh and Shepherd’s Pie, with gravy. Oh, and photography!